FullHD1x2: Extreme Cougar Wives Episode 2 Watch Online Free Walt is briefly rattled, and perhaps even genuinely a little sympathetic with Hank's position, he spends little time in getting quickly to his default mode of cool, pragmatic persuasion. He's unbelievably gifted at making you feel like his plan of action is the only possible logical path for you to take, and not just something that's fuelled by his own rampant self-interest. He makes the case that Hank would be the one actually causing the real damage to the family if he made a fuss, and it's a testament to his unmatched skill at emotional chess that Hank seems willing even to discuss it.

FullHD1x2: Extreme Cougar Wives Episode 2 Watch Online Free then Walt balks at Hank's one condition, to move the kids out of the house, which leads to a disbelieving Hank wondering aloud who it is he's talking to. He's answered indirectly but immediately: when Walt's expression changes and he warns Hank to "tread lightly", Hank gets his first real glimpse of Heisenberg. And, by the same token, when Hank threatened to take away his family, Walt no longer saw his brother-in-law in front of him, but yet another obstacle to overcome: another Tuco, another Mike, another Gustavo Fring. Another foreign body in Walt's perfectly engineered formula that needs to be eliminated.

FullHD1x2: Extreme Cougar Wives Episode 2 Watch Online Free men have spent the last few years deluded into thinking that the other is not a threat, but as they face each other in the garage at the end of Blood Money, they see each other's true faces for the first time. Hank and Walt are enemies, they are now at war, and we have seven more episodes to go. Don't forget to breathe.

What a pity it is for The White Queen to have hit its stride only this late in the game. The penultimate episode, with its shadowy plots, simmering guilt and double crosses, was such smashing telly that our one remaining visit to the fifteenth century on a Sunday night FullHD1x2: Extreme Cougar Wives Episode 2 Watch Online Free 't seem enough. Who's for joining me in whipping up a frock from the dining room curtains and staging a saints' knees flash mob outside Media City until the BBC promises to return next year with The White Queen 2: Lancastrian Boogaloo?