Riker retires to his quarters when Worf drops by, asking to join Riker on the guaranteed suicide mission he's been offered. Riker is understandably not keen on this assessment and shouts at Worf until he leaves. Riker then goes to meet his father for the briefing meeting, only to discover that it's all flimsy pretext. You don't say?

Pulaski tricks Kyle into attending a psychotherapy session with Troi, but he just ends up infuriating her. Still, it filled a few minutes of screen time. Turns out you can't cure decades of resentment in one surprise meeting. After chatting with Pulaski about the kind of man his father really is, Riker decides to work out his baggage and the two agree to an Anbo-jitsu fight. More of which later.

Meanwhile, the rest of the senior staff are dedicating all of their time to cracking this Worf nut. Wesley has figured out that it's the tenth anniversary of Worf's Ritual of Ascension, hence the bad mood he's in. They set up the relevant ceremony on the holodeck, which is suitably bonkers and involves being hit with a Klingon Painstik�. After lots of shouting and screaming, Worf collapses, thanking his friends for being considerate. Er, okay then.

Planning to accept the assignment, Riker says goodbye to Troi before heading upstairs, to fight his father! And the fight is a metaphor for their relationship. Although because that would be too subtle, they also verbalise their feelings in a rather literal way. The future's too good for subtext (although it is quite Freudian, as fights go). Eventually, Kyle uses an illegal move on Riker, causing him to realise why he could never win a fight when he was younger. Somehow this leads to the two reconciling, and they hug manfully.