FHD5x6: Wild 'N Out Season 5 Episode 6 Watch Online Free
FHD5x6: Wild 'N Out Season 5 Episode 6 Watch Online Free FHD5x6: Wild 'N Out Season 5 Episode 6 Watch Online Free

With everything resolved, Picard is about to leave Riker behind to wait for his new command when Riker appears on the bridge announcing that he's remaining with the Enterprise, at least until the later movies. Picard is glad. The audience is glad. And everything goes back to normal in time for next week's episode.

TNG WTF: "Anbo-jitsu. The ultimate evolution of the martial arts". Sorry, what? The ultimate evolution involves dressing like a reject from Tron (the original) and swinging wildly using what appear to be props from Gladiators? Not exactly reflective of the harmony between body and spirit that martial arts currently aim for�

TNG LOL: A classic moment of deadpan Worf, when Data attempts to speak to him: "With... all due respect � BEGONE! ... Sir."

Also, Geordie's presumptuousness made me laugh. Wesley: "It says the Klingon's family needs to attend [the ritual]." Geordie: "So? We're his family! We'll go!". It's especially amusing when you see that the people he ends up with are Wesley, Data, Geordi, Chief O'Brien and Doctor Pulaski. That's the best they could muster up?

Who's That Face?: Kyle Riker is played by Mitchell Ryan, who was one of the final two actors considered for the role of Captain Picard. Somewhere, in an alternate universe, he got the part and now every episode of TNG looks like it had the same casting director as Babylon 5.

Time Until Meeting: 15:35. Riker gets a one-on-one briefing from his father. In a meeting room, obviously.