"FullHD7x23: Futurama Season 7 Episode 23 Watch Online Free do you think you see?" is a question that Walt once asked Skyler, pointedly, before launching into the now legendary 'I am the one who knocks' monologue. It's a question that has resonated through the series since. When neighbour Carol sees Future Walt outside the house, she reacts as if she's seen a ghost (before dropping her oranges - Breaking Bad never passes up the opportunity to give a hat tip to a classic gangster trope). When Walt looks in the cracked mirror of his abandoned family home while stood in the defiled and violated ruins of his true life's work - his family - who does he see? Is it Heisenberg? Is it Walter White? Or is it neither?

FullHD7x23: Futurama Season 7 Episode 23 Watch Online Free does Jesse see, when Walt looks him directly in the eye and swears to him that he didn't kill Mike? Jesse, ironically, probably knows Walt better than anyone else in the world after what the pair have been through together, despite the fact that he's been the victim of more lies from Walt than probably even Skyler. As the two men sit together on a sofa, symbolically divided by the two huge bags of titular blood money, poor Jesse once more has to sit there while Walt pisses all over him and tells him it's raining.

FullHD7x23: Futurama Season 7 Episode 23 Watch Online Free even through a depressed bong-haze and Walt's well-honed, Oscar-winning earnestness it's clear that Jesse is now wise to Walt's antics. If this means Walt can no longer rely on being able to emotionally manipulate Jesse when he's in a pinch, where now for their relationship? Certainly, Jesse no longer seems to fear or respect the man in front of him - his prevailing emotion rather appears to be sheer disgust.