Good news everyone. I accidentally watched the wrong episode. We'll look at Times Squared (2.13) next week instead.

So anyway. En route to Starbase Montgomery for some maintenance, Picard informs Riker that he's up for promotion � his own command and a deep space mission, both his if he wants it. He resolves to consider his acceptance. Ooh, the suspense! (not really. Was this even convincing at the time?)

After reaching the Starbase, the Enterprise welcomes aboard a special advisor who will brief Riker on the mission he's up for. And it turns out to be Riker's dad, Kyle Riker! Who doesn't love it when the parents visit? It's like the number one TV trope for guaranteed hilarity. Oh wait, they're arguing already, this isn't fun! This is depressing!

Elsewhere, Wesley bugs Worf until he snaps and tears his head off. No, not really. Although he seems to come close. Confused by Worf's unusually hostile attitude, Wesley decides that meddling is the best step, and ropes in Data and Geordie to help him investigate, because what else would two of the highest-ranking Enterprise crew members be doing anyway?

O'Brien and Riker are having a drink in Ten Forward when they notice Kyle and Pulaski getting friendly. It turns out they know each other and it's just never come up. Because you know, it's not like you'd ever mention to someone that you almost married their father if you saw them every day and had literally nothing else in common. Riker gives Pulaski a jab over this fact and then leaves. Over the other side of Ten Forward, Data and Geordi observe Worf, who gets annoyed by their irritating behaviour. Don't we all?