"It's HD15x23: Big Brother (US) Season 15 Episode 23 Watch Online Free idiots all the way down" laments Mallory Archer in the beginning of Midnight Ron, the fourth episode in Archer's fourth season. Sterling has gone and got himself stranded in Montreal, Pam and Cheryl are doing her head in, and she's feeling the frustration of being married to Ron Cadillac, a man she believes to be the most boring on the planet.


Maybe Ron isn't as dull as she thinks though, as we see him swilling scotch in a run-down motel room and as the only person who will go to Montreal to help Sterling out after all his ISIS colleagues merely laugh at him. Archer is really going for the scared little boy with maternal issues routine this week, but it's sadly with only marginally successful results.

While en route from Montreal to New York, Sterling discovers that Ron has hitmen after him and once their car is totalled in a crash, the pair find themselves at the mercy of homicidal, transvestite, fetishist bikers. It's certainly a twist in the tale, but I think that homicidal, transvestite, fetishist bikers are something of an acquired taste when it comes to humour. It's nice to see Archer trying something that HD15x23: Big Brother (US) Season 15 Episode 23 Watch Online Free bit different when it comes to the bizarre, but this time it doesn't really work.

Midnight Ron is an episode with some depth to it. Sterling, through his bonding with Ron, who as Mallory's husband can be a bit more objectionable towards Archer, seems to be finally facing up to his mother issues. While this sets the episode apart from others, it does mean that it's a little short on the laughs and with Archer removed from the ISIS office for the entire episode means we don't get to see as HD15x23: Big Brother (US) Season 15 Episode 23 Watch Online Free of Cheryl, Lana, Pam and Cyril this week, nor their interaction with Sterling.


When we do see them, Cheryl gets a good line which coins the term "Clymidiot" and the little seen so far this season Woodhouse gets a nice moment when he forlornly wishes he could run away.

Midnight Ron was not a classic episode of Archer. There was some good character stuff with Sterling, Ron and Mallory but the show works best when it sticks to a full ensemble and everyone is getting mixed up in the madness together with their own individual brand of selfish obnoxiousness. Thankfully, sub-par episodes of this show are a rarity and this is likely to be a one off blip rather than an indication of Archer's future direction.