Of FullHD1x3: WWE Total Divas Episode 3 Watch Online Free , Sarah isn't the only woman taking control this week. It turns out that Alcide's top bitch is about to make a power grab of her own � unfortunately for Alcide, that grab looks like it's going to take the form of a very public neutering. While almost fully deserved � power does not agree with the Herveaux men � this is another example of a male hierarchy slowly being decimated by women � admittedly, they're crazy women, but women nonetheless. While the show is busy de-balling many of the main male characters, it's giving the female characters � particularly Pam, who rocked incredibly hard this week � a lot more to do. Even Arlene, who is as deep in grief and booze as any character we've seen, is still kicking ass. Given what the woman has been put through in recent years, the fact that she's now a multimillionaire isn't just fitting, it's going to be fantastic. Not that the show has ever been in the habit of writing poor female characters, but they've never been so strong, all at once, and it's fabulous.

FullHD1x3: WWE Total Divas Episode 3 Watch Online Free just three more episodes to go, the battle for the survival of the vampire race is hotting up, and with Eric now a believer and griever, there can't possibly be any scenario in which the humans come out victorious. Providing, that is, that newly empowered Sookie � her giving Warlow a quick, post-coital lesson in feminism was a nice touch � can find a way to persuade him to basically give up his life for the vamps. Given Warlow's well documented hatred of said fangs, as well as his alleged Lilith-killing destiny, that's going to be a hard sell, and the only thing Sookie has to bargain with is her last name. Do we hear wedding bells? Let's hope not � given all the empowerment, becoming Warlow's wife for eternity in order to get what she wants could be considered a tad unsavoury.

FullHD1x3: WWE Total Divas Episode 3 Watch Online Free it's been said in these reviews before, it definitely bears repeating that the show's new-found confidence where political issues are concerned has made for some fantastic television. Perhaps it's simply the contrast between this year's race, gender and religious issues and the ricockulous possession/faeries of recent seasons, but something has definitely caused a change of gear over at True Blood central. Despite Laf's description of the events surrounding Terry's death as a telenovella, season six has perhaps been the least melodramatic of the show's entire run. Taking what can only be described as a grown-up attitude to the frighteningly right-wing bent of modern-day politics � even within the confines of a universe inhabited by vampires, werewolves and humans who manage to stay employed despite not having done a full day's work for several years � has allowed the show, and many of the characters to grow in ways not previously thought possible. If only more live-action dramas were this determined to highlight the more disgusting elements of the world of politics, rather than pander to them.

So, the end of the season fast approaching, and the high level of deaths has made clear that the gang probably won't make it to the finish line intact. Whoever is next in line for the chop, let's hope they take the Whore for Christ with them � or better yet, turn her before they go. God know she deserves it...

FullHD1x3: WWE Total Divas Episode 3 Watch Online Free week, I was majorly disappointed in the shabby crash sequence and a perceived lack of proper connections between events. A week is a long time in La-La-Land, it seems, because almost everything in This Little Piggy, I pretty much adored.

The opening scene in which Vogel helped Debra and Dex come to terms with their love/hate relationship was heavy on metaphor. Vogel's increasingly maternal role in their lives played out like a family spat with her playing arbiter to a sibling rivalry. Last week I proposed the notion that Vogel is Dexter's mother, garnering much derision. But while that might not be literally true, it's becoming their relationship, and in this story that concept was further expanded to include Debra.

The family theme was also worked through the two subplots. One in which Vince quite rightly feels the need to find out more about his unexpected daughter, and the other where a rich kid killed daddy's home help. The first story was lovely, because we get far too little Masuka, and C.S. Lee is a very fine actor, who can move smoothly from the pervert version of his character to a more nuanced one I enjoyed here.