HD1x6: The Haunted Hathaways Episode 6 Watch Online Free he's on the hunt for whore for Christ turned murderous nutjob Sarah Newlin, who Jason inexplicably let live post-massacre. It was the Revenger's one act of mercy and may prove to be an incredibly bad decision. As long as she's alive and has the sound of her now deceased vampire ex-husband's declaration of love for the man who let her live ringing in her ears, no one will ever be safe. And on a more revenge-y note, of all the people working at the camp that deserved to die horrific deaths, she was on the top of the list. Let's hope that Eric, Bilith, someone manages to get hold of her and puts her back on the list.


HD1x6: The Haunted Hathaways Episode 6 Watch Online Free with the funeral and all the revenge, there wasn't much time for movement on the Sookie/Warlow storyline, but it's still looking as if Sookie will indeed be the young trophy bride to a multi-millennia aged man. Sookie's funereal revelation smacks of thank you and good bye; added to the whole I keep my promises routine, and we could well be invited to one of TVland's more bizarre weddings next week.

HD1x6: The Haunted Hathaways Episode 6 Watch Online Free course, the show is yet to address the question of exactly how long the faery blood effects, courtesy of Sookie's intended, will last. Today's full-complement escape, while delightful, surely doesn't bode well for the gang going into the finale. Nobody gets away with a happy ending, so there must be some horrific side effects on the horizon. Either that or they're all invincible � having drunk Bilith's as well as Warlow's blood, it's not entirely out of the realms of possibility. God help Sarah Newlin then...

So HD1x6: The Haunted Hathaways Episode 6 Watch Online Free we've just one episode left � already? � of what has been a superb visit to Bon Temps. With new storylines developing even as the season draws to a close, we may or may not discover the whereabouts of Sarah or Eric, Sookie's marital status, Bilith's immortal status, and exactly how Jason finds life as the male Ginger, in next week's finale. And that's the beauty of True Blood � when it's good, there's just no knowing what'll happen. And it's been really good. Why isn't it Sunday already?