It's HD1x8: Ray Donovan Episode 8 Watch Online Free Adam Reed-voiced, wheelchair user Ray Gillette who opens this episode with the characteristic loathing for his own existence and the fact that his legs don't work anymore thanks to being maimed by one Sterling Archer, the man now parked in ISIS' sole disabled parking space. It's the turn of disability to come under fire this week for Archer's opening scene when Ray's fellow ISIS employees show him little sympathy.


HD1x8: Ray Donovan Episode 8 Watch Online Free from Doctor Krieger, who offers Ray an attractive, if somewhat dangerous opportunity to try out his newly developed robot legs. We'd not seen much of Krieger so far this season (apart from continuously suggesting that nerve gas be unleashed into the ISIS air vents, which seems to be becoming a recurring idea as he mentions it again this week), and had perhaps forgotten just how risqu� the show can become when he's around. We're well used to Archer's characters having their irrationally selfish ways, however Krieger can be downright disturbing but often very funny with it.

HD1x8: Ray Donovan Episode 8 Watch Online Free 's surgery, which seems not dissimilar to a Doctor Who cyber conversion, is ably assisted by his attendees, who turn out to be a beer-drinking, taco-eating Pam, and Cheryl, who has been despatched to the armoury to retrieve a bunch of stuff that she's convinced Krieger has made up � a fact that blows her mind. There's a welcome return this week for Rodney � the armoury guy, who continues to flaunt his new-found power to refuse weapons to ISIS agents, and some great banter between him and the forever frustrated Lana Kane. We also get a blink and you'll miss it return from season one's rogue agent Conway, and the answer as to what happened with his missing arm after it was torn off in a helicopter getaway.