HD2x4: Unforgettable Season 2 Episode 4 Watch Online Free 's back! Dr. Creepy surpassed himself in this episode by pretty much confirming he's in cahoots with A. His conversation with Mona revealed that they used to be on the same side before she realised where his loyalties lay so, now that Mona is seemingly with the Liars, that makes Wren on team evil. Hannah asks him whether he can sneak her into Radley to ask Mona about Cece and he's straight on the phone promising to "take care of things on [his] end." Soon enough, he manipulates Veronica Hastings into paying her own visit to Mona, and she's kicked off Ashley's case for coercing her. That's a bad day for the Marins.


HD2x4: Unforgettable Season 2 Episode 4 Watch Online Free clue came when we later see him absent-mindedly colouring a therapy picture. He colours the coat of a dark-haired girl red, implicating all of the brunettes in town as well as the blondes. Who's that? Aria, Spencer, Emily, Jenna, Mona and Melissa. We do know it's not Hannah (as if we didn't already) because the week's creepiest moment showed Red Coat reflected in a mirror behind Hannah when she wasn't looking. Let's rule out Spencer, Emily and Mona out, too, though I have to admit the `Aria is a' theory does have some sound evidence behind it.

HD2x4: Unforgettable Season 2 Episode 4 Watch Online Free of Aria and her endless inconsequential storylines, Ezra got a chance to really break our hearts this week when he discovered Malcolm not to be his son after all. It really was a heartbreaking scene and watching him be jilted by Aria for her new boyfriend was even worse. Even if I still think he's a creepy paedophile who belongs in jail, that's pretty harsh.

Next week we'll probably tread some more water waiting for the big reveals of the finale and Halloween special, but at least there's line-dancing to look forward to. See you there!