HD2x7: High School DxD Season 2 Episode 7 Watch Online Free 's sixth season reached its penultimate episode this week in seriously schizophrenic style with Life Matters. One the one hand beatific and truly affectionate, on the other bloody and truly vengeful, the episode couldn't have been more finely balanced; even the bizarre grandmother couldn't spoil it.


HD2x7: High School DxD Season 2 Episode 7 Watch Online Free , Grandma Bellefleur the bigoted OAP, either conceived as comic relief or as the over-estimated sour to the funeral's natural sweet, was firmly on the wrong side of funny every time she spoke � a bizarre and rare comedy misfire, God only knows what they were thinking when they wrote those lines. Granny faux-pas aside, the rest of the funeral scenes were fantastic � sweet without being schmaltzy enough to be unpalatable, funny, touching and with Sookie outing herself as a telepath thrown in for good measure. As TV funerals go, this one was definitely uniquely Bon Temps, and a fitting tribute to an equally unique and much-loved character. Special mention goes to Nelsan Ellis, whose own unique character was the highlight of the funeral � bedecked in his finest funereal falsies, and somehow even more fabulous than usual, Laf's graciously told and touching Terry story may well be his finest hour.

HD2x7: High School DxD Season 2 Episode 7 Watch Online Free is True Blood's habit, the main storyline was diametrically opposed to the tranquil goodwill and benevolence of the funeral. With Eric releasing all the non-important vamps, True Blood went from notoriously naked to fabulously gory. Proving that revenge is a bloody business where vamps are concerned, we were treated to detached genitalia, severed limbs, exploding vampires and stomped on heads in a budget-blowing gore-fest.

HD2x7: High School DxD Season 2 Episode 7 Watch Online Free expected, the newly freed vamps dished out plenty of reap what you sow style revenge on the humans that imprisoned them, but perhaps the biggest act of revenge was vamp on vamp. Despite Eric's early arrival, it was in fact Bilith's attempt at Hara-Kari that saved all our most important vampires. And then, just when it looked as though, indirectly, Warlow would in fact be the death of Bilith, he once again proves invincible. Which could be one explanation for what was perhaps the episode's biggest surprise, the disappearance of one Eric Northman. Uncharacteristically wordless for the ex-sheriff, his sudden taking leave of the vamps he worked so hard to save will hopefully have some higher purpose, and won't keep him away for too long.