HD5x10: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10 Watch Online Free , this is more like it. Here's an episode that takes place in real-time, depicting several major developments in the characters and their workplace, with a sense of coherence and emotional investment that has perhaps been lacking in the previous four episodes of the second season so far - and it reminds you why you became interested in this show to begin with.


Simply named after the series' own news programme, News Night With Will McAvoy follows one tumultuous evening in the newsroom, with our News Night team confronting problems both on and off-air. Just as the opening titles roll, Will misses a call from his father, John. In the first ad break, he calls back and discovers that John has had a minor heart attack. Despite Mac's protests, he resolves that the show must go on.

HD5x10: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10 Watch Online Free , financial correspondent Sloan Sabbath is humiliated by a nude picture leak that puts her credibility in jeopardy, Don is chasing after a retraction on a potentially damaging story from a tabloid outlet, and Jim and Maggie are reunited in awkwardness over an intolerably slow download.

In terms of the series timeline, we're now up to March 16th 2012 - George Zimmerman has shot and killed black teenager Trayvon Martin, and breaking news comes out of Syria as the rebellion escalates. Wisely, Sorkin only uses the news as context for the personal drama, rather than an opportunity to tether characters to their respective opinions on recent history.


HD5x10: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10 Watch Online Free 's drama unfolds over the course of the episode, but as anybody who has been reading these reviews over the last few weeks will expect, I'm largely happy to see Sorkin redress his treatment of female characters. This week's episode really puts the women front-and-centre - not getting bailed out, or calmed down, or patronised by the men, but really stealing the show.