HD6x10: True Blood Season 6 Episode 10 Watch Online Free Munn's Sloan gets the best out of this. The actress has a knack for delivering Sorkin's dialogue that few others amongst the cast have so brilliantly mastered, and the storyline, in which a callous ex-boyfriend of Sloan's puts naked pictures of her up on the internet, could possibly have been inspired by events that really happened to Munn.


HD6x10: True Blood Season 6 Episode 10 Watch Online Free 's very public humiliation turns into a quite welcome excuse for a whole series of excellent scenes of her occasionally neglected character dealing with it. Whether she's mortified at the thought of her doting dad finding out about the scandal on his daily Google search, or indignant at Don's suggestion that she should've known that something like this would happen, Munn knocks it out of the park. The moment that she finally converts her embarrassment into righteous anger, and decks the bastard who shared her private pictures online, is a thing of pure, undiluted "Fuck yeah".

HD6x10: True Blood Season 6 Episode 10 Watch Online Free thing to note is that the chemistry between Don and Sloan, which has been bubbling under for the last few episodes, is catalysed by this crisis, and that there's more to the one-on-one scenes between Olivia Munn and Thomas Sadoski than there was in a whole season of the tedious Don-Maggie-Jim love triangle. While things remain chaste at the moment, it's easier to root for them than any of the other couples in the show.

HD6x10: True Blood Season 6 Episode 10 Watch Online Free of other couples, Jim and Maggie also get a little better than usual as a result of the all-around superior script. As they wait for the audio of Zimmerman's 911 call to download, the two of them discuss institutional sexism, relationships and the aftermath of all that's happened to Maggie this season.


Confusingly, the episode jumps forward six months from the previous episode, and Maggie still has her long blonde locks. When we saw her cut it off at the end of last week's episode, it seemed like this had happened shortly after she returned from Africa, but it looks as though she's first going through a spell of alcoholism.

When her condition causes her to make a foul-up with the Zimmerman audio editing that's uncannily close to CNN's reportage of the story, we know that this is the development that will ripple through her arc for the rest of the season. Frankly, this seems far more dramatic than a haircut, so we'll take that as a development of her character over her usual mistreatment, any day.

Amongst the lead female cast, that leaves Emily Mortimer's Mac. While she's not been one for looking silly this season, her new seriousness sometimes comes off as harsh. While she rightly shouts down a teenager who tries to piggy-back to fame on the suicide of a gay classmate, she also has a really contemptuous scene with an undeserving Neal.