FullHD3x5: Ink Master Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free 's also more development for Neal, (Dev Patel) previously the office tech guy, who demonstrates the preternatural Sorkin-sense by asking Mac to cover the Occupy Wall Street movement. Here, we meet Shelly Weixler, (Aya Cash) with whom Neal discusses some of his (Sorkin's) problems with the organisation of the movement; you can bet we'll see more of this in the next few episodes.


But the ominous Operation Genoa looms large. With senior producer Jim out of the way, Mac drafts in Jerry Dantana (Hamish Linklater) to replace him in the interim. Will, who admittedly fears change, suggests that his appointment will leave the newsroom as a "hellscape" by the time Jim comes back, and perhaps he'll be proven right. After all, it's Jerry's panellist who tips him off to the ominous Operation Genoa.

FullHD3x5: Ink Master Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free highlight this week was a typically melodramatic scene in the control room. As Will covered Tripoli and foreign affairs live on air, Mac is confronted with a fact-check snafu and a near-catastrophic technical failure, one after the other.

These scenes are the closest The Newsroom comes to action sequences, and the inter-cutting between Mac using her producing superpowers and Will warbling Rebecca Black's then-current single Friday to himself, in between segments to-camera, is as enjoyable as this season setup gets.


FullHD3x5: Ink Master Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free there's only one notable bit of slapstick this week, (Mac doesn't know Washington is on speakerphone, makes a crack about Washington being unimportant, cue sad trombone) the poor attitude towards female characters still seems to be in full flow.

From the over-reaction to Maggie's appearance, to the mistreatment of Will's new intern, (a familiar face from the previous season) Sorkin seems to have the same problems with making his female characters both as competent and well-adjusted as last season, and it's still not on.

FullHD3x5: Ink Master Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers revisits the triumphal ending to the first season, and seamlessly carries forward the consequences of those events directly into a new season-arc. The performances are up to the same great standard, and the writing is snappy and engrossing, but there's also plenty of grousing about the current state of the media, some slightly dodgy characterisation and just a pinch of hit-and-miss comedy. And we're back...