FullHD3x5: Suits Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free we saw them last, News Night has broken and then retracted a story about the mysterious Operation Genoa, apparently accusing the US government of committing and covering up war crimes. And as we see in flashback over the course of the episode, only an astonishing sequence of coincidences could lead them into this, starting when a reporter on Mitt Romney's presidential campaign trail jumps off a roof at a party and breaks his ankle.


FullHD3x5: Suits Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free more on that later. Avid viewers will remember that the last time we saw Will, he went on the air and said that the Tea Party, a sect of right-wingers that he believes has hijacked the more moderate core of the Republican party, were "the American Taliban." The consequences of that nationally-broadcast editorial smackdown ripple throughout this season premiere.

FullHD3x5: Suits Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free defiantly quips that the Taliban resented the comparison, but it turns out they weren't the only ones. Twice in this episode, we see how the Tea Partiers in the Republican party are using their influence to shut out ACN - first, a soaked Reese Lansing (Chris Messina) is shut out of a legislative committee at the Capitol building, and second, poor Jim (John Gallagher Jr) is kept off the Romney bus by a vengeful aide.

This leaves the news team watching their step. Charlie (Sam Waterston) takes Will off-air on the night of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 as an act of diplomacy. Will takes it hard and so he spends less time doing the usual Will McAvoy stuff in this episode. It's gratifying to see Mac smack him about for not engaging with a blow-hard panellist during a debate, because the whole first season was about him snapping out of his desire to keep the audience happy and docile.


FullHD3x5: Suits Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free , Will's not the centre of attention in this episode, and we get a satisfying, if not entirely happy resolution to the long-running love triangle between young producers Maggie, (Alison Pill) Don (Thomas Sadowski) and Jim. Seeing as how Maggie chose Don at the end of the last season, Jim decides to get himself out of the way and volunteers to replace the injured reporter on the Romney campaign in New Hampshire, resulting in the aforementioned not-getting-on-the-bus.

FullHD3x5: Suits Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free back in New York, Don discovers a YouTube video of Maggie's public meltdown from the season finale, in which she admitted that she was in love with Jim. He neatly breaks things off, and suddenly it seems like their characters can develop outside of those inter-personal dynamics. One of our biggest wishes for this season was that these three characters would exist outside of their love lives, and it'll be interesting to see how Sorkin uses them from here on out.

FullHD3x5: Suits Season 3 Episode 5 Watch Online Free 're especially interested to see what happens next for Maggie, even if we had a preview during the deposition scene. Sporting a much shorter haircut, she looks almost unrecognisable, fourteen months down the line. Will scolds Halliday by telling her (and us) that Maggie will end up covering a story in Uganda sometime this season, and that "If what happened to her happened to you... you'd sit in the middle of a room, and cry forever." Tough times ahead for Maggie, it seems.