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FullHD5x9: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 Watch Online Free well as Pastor Ted, the episode saw the return of another long-missing player � Jenna. Jenna and Shana are clearly still in cahoots and, when Aria and Spencer overhear them talking about some `truth' regarding Alison, they figure their enemies are hiding the fact that Alison's alive. She's not, attests Shana, and the person they're actually terrified of is Cece Drake. Remember, we're three weeks from the finale so the constant naming of Cece as some kind of evil mastermind has to be a red herring. Was it Cece who tried to drown Jenna in the lake, or does the Alison-is-alive theory still have some merit?

FullHD5x9: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 Watch Online Free do see Red Coat breaking into the DiLaurentis house, however, and this is another clue to her identity that's probably best to ignore. If Alison's dead, of course, that doesn't mean we discount her twin sister from the books � Courtney. It would be a major anti-climax if this turned out to be the answer, since it's been going around online since the first Halloween special, but clues in that episode confirm that she did indeed have a sister that looked remarkably similar. Maybe we need to get Jason back to explain a few things about his highly dysfunctional family (or the recently returned mother?!).

The promo for next week seems to grant two of my wishes, with the presence of creepy Wren (watching Hanna and Caleb snog, for some reason) and an offer from Mrs. DiLaurentis for Emily to stay in Alison's old room. That place must be crawling with clues, so hopefully there's something mind-blowing to break the monotony of pre-finale water-treading. See you there!

The moment that pregnancy bump loomed into shot on Julia's porch, my head was already in my hands. What are the chances her water will have broken by the next ad break? High, I thought. High.

FullHD5x9: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 Watch Online Free have to hand it to Under the Dome's writers, they're seven weeks in and showing no shortage of `resolvable within fifty minute' plot points. Whichever enchanted hat they're pulling each week's consequence-free adventure out of was worth the magic beans they traded for it. Personally, I'd have saved the `imminent childbirth' card to play nearer Christmas for maximum Silent Night montage-ability, but each to their own.

After last week's upturn, Imperfect Circles was a frustrating combination of mawkishness and actual progress. People died, a kid was born, and we discovered the source of Chester's Mill's woes was a tiny green egg. As revelations go, the latter was an abstract but not unintriguing one.